Rules and Regulations

1. Students should enter the school only after 9:30 but before 9:55. Everyone should be present in the morning assembly and should listen to the Principal for the information, advice for the day.

2. Students must wear proper school uniform neatly and tidily at all times in a dignified way for all classes and school tuitions.

3. All the students must use English as means of communication within the school premises and in school buses at all times.

4. Students are not allowed to use chewing gums, chocolates in the bus and during the school hours. The parents are advised to send sufficient Tiffin for the child.

5. Any property of the school must not be damaged or disfigured. The damage will be recovered at the expense of the offender.

6. Students are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own. They are not allowed to leave their classes except in break and tiffin break. They should go in a proper line slowly and silently to the ground for assembly, for toilet and taps.

7. Students will be kept away from physical punishment as far as possible but complete discipline must be maintained by students otherwise they can be expelled temporarily or permanently.

8. The student should observe polite manner wherever they go. They should always remember that they should greet their teachers and any visitors to the school when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offence.

9. Students must take care of their belongings themselves. They should not bring any ornament, valuables, a big amount of money, wrist watch, mobiles, etc. School bears no responsibility in case of loss and it will be seized if found.

10. It is compulsory for students to complete 90% of the attendance in the year to make him/her eligible to sit for the final exam.

11. Students showing dishonest activities in the examination will be debarred from the rest of the examination and can be expelled from the school. No leave is permitted during examination.

12. Students should come to school with their lessons well prepared, home works completed and must take active part in the class and extra-curricular activities.

13. Any bad activity like smoking, taking tobacco, drinking alcohol, etc in or outside the school is liable to immediate expulsion.

14. When a student is suffering from any communicable disease, he/she is not be sent to school but it should be informed to the school authority with leave application.

15. The Name, Class and Section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all belongings of the students.